Suppliers Audit

We Audit your suppliers` general characteristics, (kind of company, size, markets, products,…), production facilities, professional qualification, certificates, …  so that you know them in depth before taking decisions.

When selecting a supplier there is a  great repercussion in the final result of our products. Ideally you have to know the supplier very well and it means a personal contact. This would not only confirm the confidence we have, but also strengthen ties and consolidate a more fluid business and business relationship.

Standardized official certifications can serve as a filter when selecting vendors, but they have the problem that audit reports are the property of the supplier (who is the one paying them). It is not common for suppliers to publish those audit reports. We also have the risk of not considering good suppliers for not having these official certifications.

Our services are not intended to replace personal contact, but can be very useful for a previous knowledge of the suppliers and even to have a first report of possible corrective or preventive measures. This would serve to make a future visit to the supplier more useful and focus on the most important aspects.


  • To check equipments, resources and characteristics of a supplier and suggest preventive and corrective measures

  • Monitoring of the facilities and resources of a provider as well as possible preventive and corrective measures previously established

  • Preparation of direct visit from client to supplier to make it more effective

  • Serving as a mediator channel in client-provider communication


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