Batch Inspection

We verify the quality of your products manufactured in China

Batch Inspection in order to make sure that the production is being developed correctly, (Du-Pro Inspections), and the goods are OK once finished production before being sent, (Pre-Shipment Inspections).

Developing the batch inspection at origin is a very important process with huge value for the importer.

The impact of a quality problem on outsourced products in China is extremely serious if it is detected too late. It is not only the problem detected but the time wasted by the transit and the costs because of the transporttion. In addition, at that time, the supplier no longer has access to the material and can not analyze the problem, either to take responsibility for the problem and its costs, or to analyze the problem to take measures to prevent it for the future.

The assumption of the costs by the supplier of quality problems should not be considered a solution to them for several reasons:

  • This does not imply that an  analysis of the problems is carried out and that the origin of the problems can be solved.
  • They could have an increase in costs of the supplier or assume the “cost of non-quality” within the cost of the product which ultimately means that the price can be increased.

The inspection of the material, (and also its manufacturing process), can help to prevent problems and even optimize productive processes. It is therefore an amortizable cost. On the other hand it can help us to sleep better during the long time of sea transit from China.


  • Sampling and dimensional control, finished, packaging, … according to indications of the final customer

  • Review of material DUPRO, (During Production); Certification that the production is carried out in the form and term as agreed and early prevention of possible defects.

  • Review of material PRE-SHIPMENT, (Before shipment); Review of the fulfillment of the requirements demanded for the material before the sending


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