Outsourcing of industrial components

We assume the complete process of negotiation, purchasing and logistics, assuming the responsibility of the operation by pooling all the operation in your reference currency so that you know exactly the real cost of the product.

Supplier Audit

We audit general characteristics (type of company, size, markets, products, …), production facilities, professional qualification, certifications and so of your suppliers so that you know them well before any decision.

Product Inspection

Production Inspections (DuPro), Pre-shipment (PSI), and laboratory product testing (dimensional control, chemical, physical and / or metallographic properties, coatings, corrosion tests, etc.).


Entrust to us the negotiations, quality control, logistics, custom clearance

We are specialized in importing and outsourcing metallurgical components.

We help companies to import metallurgical components: casting, forging, stamping, machining,… as well as any other industrial product you could be interested in.

Facilities in China

We have available our own facilities ready for

  • Assembling
  • Packaging
  • Warehousing
  • Consolidation of batches

Representation Office

Our office in Qingdao allow us to make from China several services:

  • Supplier selection
  • Audit suppliers
  • Help you to introduce your products in China
  • Monitoring and Control of suppliers
  • And much more so that you receive your orders on time and without troubles

Metallurgical Testing Laboratory

In the Metallurgical Control Lab in China we develope tests such as:

  • Chemical
  • Mechanical
  • Resistance to corrosion


Pressure from competence and from clients forces many companies to find ways to reduce costs and an interesting way is to import from China some components which cannot be found with competitive prices in local suppliers.

The process of importing from China those components implies several new handicaps such as:

  • Difficulties in negotiations due to cultural differences during negotiations
  • Control of delivery times
  • Managing the international freight
  • Custom clearance

Sometimes we do not charge the cost of these difficulties into the total cost of the product but at the end of the day the team involved in this outsourcing process is aware of the real importance these troubles have actually had. Not just the economic cost or even the time the process has required, but also in the uncertainty and stress it has provoked.

From COMPOTEC we offer to you the possibility of delegate on us this labor totally, (we could supply the product to you and be in charge of the steps in the process), or partially just walking with you in those steps of the process of importing from China, where you needed support, (search for suppliers, audit them, batch quality inspections, freight and custom clearance,…).

Our major background is our experience importing from China industrial products such as Construction parts, Valves and accessories and their components, automotive parts,… from year 2000, as well as our presence in China with a reppresentative office from 2006 and a WFOE company from 2008.

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